World Health Day – Start being healthy with these 9 mindful activities starting from this World Health Day

7th April is widely recognised and celebrated as World Health Day, every year. The main aim of celebrating this day is to promote better lives and increase awareness around significant health concerns. This day is a result of a global effort to promote better health. This day is a powerful reminder of putting our health and well-being first in all aspects of life.

We all know staying healthy is very important but when it comes to keeping health concerns, we make one mistake. The mistake is always taking bigger steps which results in keeping us inconsistent. We always make stricter rules for ourselves like ‘not going to eat junk food at all’, ‘not going to have sugar at all’, ‘going to the gym for 1 hour, every day of the week’, and whatnot. The problem with all these activities is that they are very difficult to keep up with for a longer time.

Hence, instead of making such unrealistic goals for our health, it is always good to start small, stay consistent, and then move forward. See it in this way ‘If you want to go to the second floor from the first floor, you will take the first step and not the 10th, right’? So, go as per that.

On that note, here are some mindful activities that you need to start doing from this World Health Day. These are small habits that are going to keep you healthy in the long run.

  1. Cut off Sugar from your diet or be mindful of its consumption

You might have heard about sugar being unhealthy, a lot of times. It is so because it is true. One of the most unhealthy food items that we pour into our bodies is sugar. As Indians, we do intake a lot of sugar consciously or unconsciously. In tea, coffee, homemade sweets, and other food items, sugar is used in extreme quantities. And, the thing with sugar is that, it is addictive, even if you do not have a sweet tooth. So, cutting on sugar all at once can be difficult for your brain. So, be mindful of it, instead of using 2 spoons of sugar in your tea, reduce it to 1, and so on. Your body will still receive the shock and after some time, you will be constant with your new habit.

  1. Decrease the consumption of Processed Food Items

Processed food items have a lot of unhealthy ingredients in them. Processed wafers, chips, noodles, and even healthy items like oats, etc are not that healthy. So, it is better to avoid them but in case, you cannot avoid them completely, you can cut down on their intake. If you are in a habit of eating processed oats, then a better idea can be to cook oats at home and eat as that is healthier. If you eat enough processed noodles, you can cut down your intake from once a week to once in 15 days and so on.

  1. Get an Air Fryer

Getting an air fryer is one of the best investments that you are going to make in your lifetime. Air fryers will help you cook a lot of dishes with extremely little oil as compared to the traditional cooking concept. You can cook a lot of fried items and other food like pizza, tandoori chicken and more with the least quantity of oil. You will still be able to enjoy a lot of your favourite food more healthily and even the cooking process is going to be easier. Purchase a nice air fryer and see your body change for good.

  1. Move your body even slightly but every day

To be healthy, the most important thing that you need to do is to move your body. We understand that doing exercise is something a lot of people ignore because of a lot of reasons and the prime reason is getting inconsistent over time. This only happens because people start their fitness journey with unrealistic expectations. If you want to be fitter, you don’t need to do all the exercises on day 1, you just need to stand up, move your body for a bit, maybe dance, and be done. From here, move upwards and onwards. This will be it. If you are about to start, just move!

  1. Switch to healthy alternatives even for unhealthy food

This is something tricky to understand. But, let us explain to you in the easiest way possible. If you like bread and eat it often switch from milk/white (maida) bread to wheat bread. Both of them taste the same but have a massive impact on your health over time. The same goes for momos/namkeen/naan, etc. If you like these food items, you can switch to wheat momos, wheat naan, and more. If you are someone who eats rice daily, the best idea is to switch to brown rice which has the same health benefits and will not increase your weight. Now, you get it, right?

  1. Drink water the first thing on an empty stomach

We told you that we were going to suggest only simple health habits that can make a great difference to your body, and here we are with one of the easiest healthy habits to switch to. The habit is nothing other than having lukewarm or even normal water, first thing in the morning. This way, a lot of toxins will get flushed out from your body and will also clean your stomach from within. This is the best way to start your day. After 21 days, you are also going to see the positive effects on your face and skin.

  1. Never skip breakfast but only have healthy food items

In this busy lifestyle, one of the mistakes that we all do is skip on our breakfast. This is something really wrong that we are doing with our bodies. As soon as we wake up and get ready for the day, it is important to have the first meal of the day, within the first hour of waking up. Or else, this leads to acidity build up in the body which can be painful. While it is important to have breakfast, it is also essential to have a healthy breakfast like oats, cornflakes, bread & juice, chapati with dal, soup, and more. Do not indulge in having unhealthy food

  1. Switch from carbonated drinks to juices

Having juice is a very healthy way to entertain your body and keep it nourished. You already know the benefits of having fruit juice so we are not going to elaborate that further. But, if you are someone who likes to drink a lot of carbonated drinks or soft drinks, let us tell you that it is not a healthy option for your body. Instead of this, you can switch to chilled and refined juices which will taste exactly the same, will have original sugar, and will not harm but benefit your body. You can also take juices with your meals and benefit yourself.

  1. Work on the quantity of unhealthy food

Finally, the last one is also something simple and you can keep a tab on it. This works for both healthy and unhealthy food items. Now, let us simplify it for you. If you are out with friends and are eating a pizza, so instead of having the entire pizza, you can have just two slices to cater to your tastebuds and still not hamper your body. If everyone in your family is having a samosa and you are also craving it, so instead of giving in completely, just have a bit of it, and it will be enough. For healthy food like rice, chapati, and more make a desired count/quantity to eat every day and stick to that only. This way, you are going to see the benefits on your body, a lot.


Weren’t these really easy habits to adapt in our lives? Of course, they were! We told you that we are going to give you bigger and realistic goals but something that everyone can start right from today. And, we did just that! It is not about doing bigger things but about doing mindful things that you can easily do and the things that can bring a positive impact on your body and mind. One thing to keep in mind is that a healthy body also leads to a healthy mind which in return gives you a healthy life.

7th April is widely recognised and celebrated as World Health Day, every year. The main aim of celebrating this day is to promote better lives and increase awareness around significant health concerns. This day is a result of a global effort to promote better health. This day is a powerful reminder of putting our health…