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5 Ways to surprise your best friend on this National Best Friends Day

Were you aware of the fact that 8th June 2024 is National Best Friends Day? Well if not, now you know! It only makes sense that we have a special day of celebration for everyone like father, mother, sister, and others, so why not for a friend? Friends are the family that we choose and they are the ones that stay with us in all our highs and lows. Friends are the ones who have seen us at our lowest and have celebrated us at our highest. Hence, a day to celebrate them is only going to be beautiful.

The best thing about friendship is that the timeline does not matter. A friend from childhood or a friend that you made in your adult life, both can comfort you in different ways and you must celebrate them all. If you are really lucky, you might have a friend in all stages of your life standing right beside you. So, now talking about surprising your BFF on National Best Friends Day, here are some ways to take into consideration.

Below are 5 Ways to surprise your best friend on this National Best Friends Day. These are going to be OTT and also simple. They are going to be fancy and also cheesy. You choose the one that you are going to enjoy the most.

  1. Send them a cute customised hamper out of the blue

Now, when was the last time you sent a cute hamper or a cute gift to your long-distance friend apart from their birthdays? If you cannot think of an occasion that you did something like this, now is the time. Even if you did something like this, who told you cannot do it again? On this National Best Friends Day, you can send a cute hamper to your long-distance bestie. A cute hamper can contain all the things that your friend likes. It can be of any particular genre or any random item that your friend likes.

It can be a skincare hamper, a coffee hamper, a cookie hamper, a chocolate hamper, or any hamper. Not just long distance, you can even do this for your roommate who is your bestie, your friend of the same town, and any friend that means the most to you. The best place to find some really cute hampers is You are going to find different kinds of hampers like chocolate hampers, chocolate bouquets, chocolate and flower hampers, chocolate with cake hampers, customised mug hampers, and lots more. We are sure you are going to find something of your choice on our website.

  1. Book a cute BFF photoshoot session

Gifting is all fine and always a great idea to make someone happy. So, consider giving gifts to your loved ones every now and then. But, if gifting is not your love language, here is something that you can do with your friends. You can book a cute professional BFF photoshoot session. Let us explain what this is in detail. So, if you are your friend loves to take photos every time you go out, in every cute cafe, during your sleepovers, then you and your friend are going to love this idea. Instead of clicking random memories and moments by yourself with your phones, you can book a photographer and make an appointment for a BFF photoshoot session. You can decide on some theme, create cute backdrops, use interesting props, wear amazing outfits, and get pictures clicked with your BFF. This is going to be so much fun and along with that it will be such a nice memory for the both of you, down the lane. The bonus is that you will get lots of new pictures for your gram.  And, to top it all, it will be a fun day out that you can conclude with good food and coffee. 

  1. Send them DIY friendship bracelets and fresh flowers

Do you want to do something out of the box for your best friend? Do you want to gift something personalised to your friends to make them smile? Do you want to make some extra effort for your best friend so that they will know how much you mean to them? Well, then the best thing that you can do for them is make a DIY gift and surprise them. One of the best DIY gifts out there has to be a DIY bracelet. It is also because bracelets are really trending these days and people are wearing matching bracelets with their loved ones as the trend.

You can make some cute bracelets with some really interesting charms that resonate with your friendship. Along with DIY bracelets, you can send them some fresh flowers because flowers are always the best gift out there. One of the best websites in India to send flowers online is You can send flowers of your choice to your loved ones at any hour of the day, without any shipping cost, and even at the last moment. You are going to find latest styles of flower bouquets on our platform for sure. Come, check us out.

  1. Surprise them at their workplace

Now, for some of you, this might be an OTT act because you might only have done it now. But, this does not mean that you cannot do it ever. There is always a first time to do something and on the ‘National Best Friends Day’ of 2024, you can do this extra, out of the box activity for your friend. So, the idea here is nothing but visiting your best friend at their workplace without even hinting to them that you are going to be there.

But, you must visit them during their break so that they can make time for you, get excited because of your presence, and will also feel happy. But, just visiting them will not be enough. Make sure to carry their comfort food so that you can enjoy it together on BFF day, give them a card that expresses your feelings about them and of course wish them this day, and also do not forget to carry a small cake with some cute BFF quote written on it because every special day deserves a cake of its own. Make this day a big deal about your best friend and let them know that you love them to the core. 

  1. A day out that ends with a cute BFF cake

This is one of the best things to do with your BFF on this day. Spending an entire day with your friends or your special friend is something that brings peace to our hearts like nothing else. We always seek to spend time with our best friends but are always caught up in adult life and chores. So, planning an entire day with your best friend and giving them a surprise is something totally amazing.

You just need to inform your friends and tell them to take a day off and be free on that particular day. On your part, you need to plan the entire day, book a special brunch date in your favourite cafe, book tickets for movies, go for some fun activity that the both of you will enjoy like a pottery class, and end the day with ordering some comfort food and your special movie at your place. It is going to be such a cute day, just the two of you, and the love that you share for each other. Also, right before the clock strikes midnight, all you have to do is make something super special like cutting a cute BFF cake together. Also, do not forget to click pictures throughout the day for the gram and memories. 


Definitely you do not need one specific day to shower some extra love on your friends! Life is already too short, why waste it on finding reasons to express love to your friends? Friends are our chosen family and we must spoil them crazy, tell them that we love them endlessly, and we are going to bother them even at midnight for our silly issues. These were some of the cutest ways to surprise our BFF on this day of friends. The universe and our country have given us one extra day to celebrate our friendship so we must fully use it.

These were some of the best ways to put into action. Also, we want to mention that the best place to get online cakes, flowers, and lots of cute BFF hampers is We can do free home deliveries to your friend’s place in any city in India at any hour, even if you order on the same day. With us, you are never late and that is our promise. So, check out for more. You will be surprised with our dope collection of cakes, flowers, chocolates, and other customised gifts.

Were you aware of the fact that 8th June 2024 is National Best Friends Day? Well if not, now you know! It only makes sense that we have a special day of celebration for everyone like father, mother, sister, and others, so why not for a friend? Friends are the family that we choose and…