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5 Most amazing Red Rose Bouquets on to surprise your loved ones on National Red Rose Day

We get to celebrate Rose Day on Valentine’s week, this is a known fact. But, did you know that we have a specific day dedicated to red roses? Yes, that is right. USA has dedicated June 12th as the National Red Rose Day. Even if it is not an International day to show appreciation for these flowers, people worldwide have slowly adapted to celebrating this day. They recognised this day to honour the flower symbol of love and romance, the red rose. Red roses are the most gorgeous flowers and are the best ones to express love.

Red roses were used in many early cultures as decorations in wedding ceremonies and attire. Then right from that, the tradition of giving red roses as the strongest message of love is still practiced today. Reading this, we are sure someone did pop into your mind and you might have already thought of surprising them on this National Red Rose Day. If that is the case, here we are with the best selection of red rose bouquets from the internet.

Below are some of the best Red Rose Bouquets on chocolaty to surprise your loved ones on National Red Rose Day. is the best online platform for sending flowers to your loved ones. We have an amazing collection of the best red roses online. Check them out below.

  1. 50 Red Rose Bouquet

Do you know what is a greater gift than a red rose? Well, a bouquet of 50 red roses. Imagine giving this to your loved one and seeing the utmost love in their eyes! You would be so happy right because that smile came onto their face because of you. This is the best feeling in the world to make your loved ones smile. So, what is stopping you from doing this gesture for your loved one? Go ahead and buy this 50 Red Rose Bouquet from right now and make the most of National Red Rose Day.

This bouquet obviously contains 50 red roses as mentioned and is wrapped in white and red paper which gives it a royal look for sure. This is a myriad bouquet, specifically for precious moments. The original price of this bouquet on our website is Rs 3,599 but right now it is slashed down to Rs 2,799 for this special occasion. So, make the most of this sale and surprise your loved one. Some pollen and glitter dust will be sprinkled on the flowers to make them look more aesthetic. This is the best deal on the Internet right now. Take our word and go for it.

  1. Twin Heart Arrangement

Nothing screams love more than roses and hearts. A flower arrangement containing two hearts made of red roses is just plain romantic. If you are a hopeless romantic and always want to show your love to your partner then this is the bouquet to give them on National Red Rose Day. This is a true Bollywood-style gift to express love. So, here’s an idea while we are on the topic of Bollywood gestures. Buy this and give this to your lover on National Red Rose Day with your couple’s song or your favourite song to express how much you love your partner. It is going to be so much amazing and lovely. Your partner will be so grateful for you.

This Twin Heart Arrangement of red roses on contains 37 red roses beautifully assembled in a cane basket. Its diameter is 9 inches and this looks really pretty and aesthetic. The price of this basket is Rs 1949. It is one of the best gifts from for your partner under 2k. If you want to double this, you can do it by just adding Rs 1299 extra. Buy this right now and make the most of this day.

  1. Heart Rose Arrangement

Another one of the best pieces on when it comes to red rose bouquets is this one. This is a typical heart-shaped red rose arrangement in a box. So, there is a heart-shaped box and red roses are filled inside this paper box which takes a heart-shaped arrangement. The box looks really pretty and the flowers look really popping upwards. There are 35 red roses used in this arrangement and all of them are of great quality. We will make sure to send you red roses that are fully puffed up. The colour of the box is also red. This box is reusable for minor decoration purposes. The price of this flower arrangement is Rs 1949. We can do same-day deliveries of such flowers and more.

It is a cute and a great gift for this day. It is really trending these days. If you are someone active on social media, you can see lots of people decorating their houses with such flower arrangements. Pinterest is filled with trending pictures of such flowers. This flower arrangement is really aesthetic and totally out there. If you are choosing this, you are not going to get wrong.

  1. Premium Ferrero Rocher Bouquet

Does your partner love red roses and chocolates a little too much? Then we have a bouquet of red roses and chocolates to give your partner. Not only your partner, this can be given to someone you have a crush on, someone you are dating, someone you want to date in the future (this could be a good hint), and you know who! Red roses are a symbol of love and hence these should be specifically given to the people you love romantically. Also, this bouquet shows that you make extra effort because you are specific with their choices. It’s very cute, to say the least.

This Premium Ferrero Roses Bouquet on contains a bunch of 16 Red Roses and 16 Pcs Ferrero Rocher. The roses are added in tied in a bunch from the sides and the chocolates are added to the inside layer from the flowers. Some pollen is also added to the bunch to make them look gorgeous. The highlight of this bouquet is the packaging done with powder blue paper which looks super aesthetic. The original price of this bouquet is Rs 2,999 and it is slashed down to Rs 2,499. It is one of our best-sellers.

  1. Dream Floral Bouquet

The name of this bouquet is totally apt because it is the dream bouquet and it is the ‘dream’. You know what we mean right? Every woman would love to receive this bouquet from their special ones on special occasions or random days. Just think about this scenario that we are going to talk about now. On this National Red Rose Day, you do not wish your lover girl, you just randomly visit her and surprise her with this bouquet and her favourite drink. Then take her on a long drive. How insanely happy would she get, right? So, go ahead and do it this time. She deserves it and you deserve it too. If the weather on this day turns out pleasant and romantic, then God definitely will be the paid actor on this day. Also, be ready to click hundreds of her pictures because she is going to tell you to do that.

This dream red rose bouquet consists of 200 red roses closely clubbed together. There are no leaves or pollen in this bouquet which makes them even more luxurious. This is on the pricier side because it is totally worth every damn happiness that you are going to give your girl. The packaging of the paper is also luxurious and its shade is white. This is the reason we call it the dream bouquet and it is the dream. The red ribbons on it makes it even more pleasing to the eyes and heart.


Apart from these, we have lots more options on our website. These were some of the highlighted ones which are our personal favourites on our platform. Also, these are our best-sellers for quite some time now. But, we want to tell you that we have lots more on our website at different price ranges. We have different combos of red roses with other things like cakes, chocolates, plants, vases, and other flowers as well. We are quite sure we have something for every price range on our website and taste. The best part of our website is that we can offer free home deliveries of these flowers and more to your doorstep at any hour of the day. So, come and order.

We get to celebrate Rose Day on Valentine’s week, this is a known fact. But, did you know that we have a specific day dedicated to red roses? Yes, that is right. USA has dedicated June 12th as the National Red Rose Day. Even if it is not an International day to show appreciation for…