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Women’s Day Gifts: Step By Step Guide to Surprise Her

Womens Day Gifts: Step By Step Guide to Surprise Her – They say making a woman happy is not possible because a happy woman is a myth. This is not true and is kind of derogatory, to be honest. It just needs a little bit of real effort to make a woman happy if she truly loves you. You can do the bare minimum for her and she will hype you like no one else. So, you got a chance to get that proven right because International woman’s day is just around the corner. You can plan something cute for her which includes basic things we already do in our lives, but just do it with your heart, and you will see how happy your woman gets because of those efforts.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to surprise her on Woman’s day occasion.

  1. Start by wishing her

So, of course, the first step in this guide includes wishing her. You start the day by wishing her a very happy women’s day. If you live together, you must wish in person. In case, you live in different places, you can call/text her and send her your wishes. Make sure that this is the first thing you do in the morning as soon as you wake up to make a big deal out of this day. Also, do not give her any idea about the whole day’s plan right away. Keep it a secret.

  1. Send her some flowers with a cute note

Just after you have wished her, now is the time for some surprises and some grand gestures as well. Surprise her with a flower bouquet and a cute note on it that says something about her which will please her. In case, you are living in different places, you can book a home delivery service from for the best flowers with notes at her doorstep. This is going to surprise her to the fullest. If she has no idea about something like this coming towards her, she will be just mesmerised by your cute gesture.

Women’s Day Gifts: Step By Step Guide to Surprise Her

  1. Have a morning coffee with her

Now, let us tell you that not everything has to be grand and over the top. When they say happiness lies in little things, they were not lying. There are a lot of cute little gestures you can do for her to make her happy from within and set the mood for the day right. Also, in our busy lives, hardly do we get time to just relax with our loved ones and gossip over a cup of coffee/tea. So, make some coffee/tea for her and have it together while you discuss about your life and talk your heart out.

  1. Both of you take a leave and spend some time together

While you are having coffee, you can tell her a part of the plan like you took a day off to celebrate this day with her and for her. Also, you need to insist her as well on her taking a leave for the day. So, your next agenda can be to take a leave from work on this day. But, while you are at it, make sure to just tell her that you have planned something for her and not give the details of any plan as of now.

  1. Go out for lunch

Once that is done, the next thing right after that is to get ready nicely to have a woman’s day special lunch. You can make this lunch for only the two of you (you and your mom, you are your sister, you are your partner, anyone) or you can include all the special women in your life and make it a grand date. You can also make it a family lunch date or you can invite special friends of the woman you are taking out on lunch and make it even more memorable for her. But, make it fancy, make it cute, and also make it special.

  1. Insist her on buying something as a gift for herself from your side

Gifting is something mandatory on woman’s day. With all the things women have to go through and for all the things all the lovely women of our lives do for us, spoiling them with some gifts is always a great idea. So, on this occasion, gift her something of her choice. An even better option is to take her shopping to her favourite store and insist her on buying something that she likes. Shopping is also like therapy for most people, so by doing this, you are giving her a gift and also indulging her in some therapy.

  1. Surprise her with a pampering session

Once all of this is done and when she might think that you have outdone yourself already and the day is over, surprise her with a pampering session in a salon, spa, nail salon, or a place she really enjoys. Gift her a pampering session and make sure she relaxes to the fullest. She deserves this and you know that.  She will be so happy to indulge in this because let’s get honest, we all love a good pampering session because of all the stress we carry on ourselves regularly. This is a really thoughtful gift for her.

  1. Order food

The night is still left and the celebrations should not end without having a relaxing night. So, now that you have given her a good day as a gift which was good-tiring and also relaxing (because of the pampering session), now is the time to end it on a good relaxing note. Surprise her with some home deliveries of her favourite food from her favourite place. Once she sees it, she will on cloud 9 because it’s the little things like these which truly make her happy. It would be fun if you do not let her know about this till the end.

  1. Create a cute dinner set up at home with movies

Now, comes the best way to end this beautiful day. All you have to do is tell her to relax while you arrange the food on the plate. Make sure the arrangement is also fancy. Create a cute set-up in your house, do the lighting, play some good movie or series on the TV, and ask your special woman to have this dinner with you. In case you are living far away, you can send home deliveries of her favourite food at her place. What a perfect end to this beautiful day. Do not forget to be in your PJs and have the comfiest dinner of all time.


So, weren’t these some amazing ways to celebrate the woman’s day? We bet they were. You can tweak these ideas as per your convenience and tastes. In case, you are in a long-distance relationship with the special woman of your life, you can tweak these plannings as per that. For getting the best flowers and cake deliveries for woman’s day anywhere in India, you can check out We are the best online cake delivery platforms and florists who do same-day deliveries in India free of shipping cost. Also, we wish every woman out there a very happy woman’s day, you all deserve the world, queens!

Women’s Day Gifts: Step By Step Guide to Surprise Her – They say making a woman happy is not possible because a happy woman is a myth. This is not true and is kind of derogatory, to be honest. It just needs a little bit of real effort to make a woman happy if she…