International Day of the Girl Child:

International Day of the Girl Child: 9 cute ways to pamper the girls in your lives every day, without going extra

International Day of the Girl Child – The International Day of the Girl Child was started by the United Nations. This day is also called the Day of Girls and the International Day of the Girl.

UNESCO has stated that Gender equality is a global priority and this is the reason people should start celebrating this day. There have been several reports across the globe where girls have been forced to drop out of school because of regressive mentality are forced for child labour, and also even forced to get married early because they are seen as responsibility. UNESCO has committed to celebrating this day to ensure that all girls have access to quality education and a dignified life.

Each year, there is a different theme assigned to this day. The slogan for Digital Generation, Our Generation, Our Time is Now—Our Rights, Our Future.” It has not been approved until now and it is not even talked about openly but this is most probably going to be the theme and the slogan.

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It was in 2011 that this day was started to be celebrated and it is one of the most revolutionary topics to have started.

Now, somewhat similar to this topic, we have a  cute little blog post for you, right here. In this blog, we are talking about some cute ways in which you can pamper each important girl in your life to the fullest. Here are some really easy ways to shower love to your girl (any important girl) every day.

  1. Listen to them, without judgements

To begin with, the very first thing that you can do to show love by just listening to them. When we say that girls are simple, we mean it. If you have a girl in your life who has genuine attachments to any relationship with you, she seeks comfort and attention from you. Other than that, there is nothing else that she is looking for from you. They just want little things like being available for them. So, whenever they are ranting, make sure to be available for them and just listen to them, whatever they have to say, in a good, bad, and angry mood. This is a lot that you can do for her, trust us. You will realise this with time.

  1. Talk to her about the future, together

As much as girls like to talk all by themselves and just want their people to listen to them, they also want to have endless conversations about their future with their loved ones. So, no matter if you are a dad, brother, boyfriend, best friend, husband, or whoever and you have a special girl in your life whom you always want to see happy, just sit with her from time to time and talk to her about her future. Just talk about how you see your life with her in the coming years, listen to her, give her suggestions, and be a part of the conversation. This is a minor thing but it does make a difference in her life.

  1. Pay attention to the details, in everything

Girls love it when you are paying attention to the details. When we say about details, we mean things that she likes, things that she resonates with, something that would make her happy, and similar other things. If you pay attention to details, you will be able to make her happy by mentioning those things or giving gifts along those lines. So, it is going to make a bigger difference because it is not just the things that matter to her but the efforts that you show for her. Also, pay attention to her mood swings, cravings, and more.

  1. Compliment her, but not always her beauty

Now, do not take this in any other way because girls love to hear compliments about their physical attributes. It is not only girls but everyone loves compliments about how they look, how they are dressed up and more, so always make sure to compliment that. But, apart from that, if you have a girl who is very special to you, make sure to compliment her efforts, her sacrifices, her love, her job, her growth, and every other thing about her. Everyone loves to be appreciated once in a while and if you make this a habit, you know you are being a green flag in that girl’s life. You are surely raising standards for her.

  1. Give her cute & thoughtful gifts, just like that

We have said it before and we will say it again, it is never about the materialistic things for anyone, but it’s all about the efforts. If a girl loves you (as a brother, friend, boyfriend, husband, dad, etc) she wants to be spoilt by you, of course, with gifts. But, it is just not about expensive items. It is about getting things that she loves and will enjoy. She always gets happy when you give her thoughtful gifts that she needs, which she loves, resonates with the most, and is personal to her. It is your effort that counts.

  1. Accompany her in her chores, without being OTT

One of the best things in life that any girl, irrespective of her, will appreciate is the men in her life helping her with her daily chores. You can help her with her daily job like cooking, picking up groceries, going to the market, etc and she will be the happiest. But, when we suggest you help her, we also want you to not go over the top in the sense that do not make her feel that you are doing something big for her. Just make it feel casual so that she feels thankful for having such men in life who do not make a big deal while helping her out.

  1. Understand her and love her, in her love language

We are going to give you one of the best pieces of advice in your life right now. Always love the people in your life in their love language and not yours. Everyone has a love language and they understand love in that particular love language only. So, identify the love language of the special girl in your life and make sure to shower all the love on her in that particular language only. This is very important because this is something that is going to make her feel content, always.

  1. Surprise her with her comfort food, every now and then

This is something that goes totally underrated but if the steps are taken consciously, it will also take you a long way. If you surprise your sister, friend, girlfriend, wife, mother, or any girl close to you with some comfort food then that is going to make her the happiest. If she is having a bad day or is not feeling too good, you can spoil her with her favourite food and see her mood change within seconds. Food is something that makes a lot of people happy and so this will do the trick.

  1. Make and follow plans with her, to keep up with the spark

Now ending the topic which is again an underrated activity but if done correctly all the time, we assure you that it is always going to make her happy. If you are a husband or a boyfriend then this trick works the best for you because your girl always wants you to take the initiative to make plans and keep things lively. This is important because she feels involved in the relationship, it makes her feel that you want to spend time with her, and hence to keep the spark alive, you need to do this. Also, whenever she is making plans, be involved in the plan as much as she is and just not say yes for the sake of doing it.


We told you that we will give you cute little ways in which you can pamper the girls in your lives. This holds for everyone in your life, be it your girlfriend, wife, sister, best friend, mother, or anyone for that matter. Of course, going extra once in a while is always appreciated but pampering the girls in your lives should not be limited to just special days. Girls are really special and you need to always pamper them in little ways to make them feel safe, secure and loved. We would suggest you be a little available all the time and make this a lifestyle to pamper them, all the time.

International Day of the Girl Child – The International Day of the Girl Child was started by the United Nations. This day is also called the Day of Girls and the International Day of the Girl. UNESCO has stated that Gender equality is a global priority and this is the reason people should start celebrating this day.…