Top 9 cakes you can surprise your dad with on this fathers Day

Here’s how you can impress your dad with cute customised gifts for Father’s Day

We want to start this blog by wishing all the lovely dads of the world a very Happy Father’s Day. We came across a very beautiful quote about Fathers and we want to share that with you all. It goes like ‘My dad did not tell me how to live and instead, he lived and let me do whatever I loved’. Dads have done so much for us and have remained so underrated for those sacrifices throughout our life. This makes them our comfort people for life. Fathers are our motivators, leaders, friends, financial advisors, and also the best mentors we could have ever asked for. They are our everything and saying this is definitely an understatement.

Our dads are humans and hence each of them has a different way of expressing love to us. Some dads make us strong, some love to keep us pampered as their little kids forever, and whatnot. Every dad has a different love language and none of them is less than the other. But, one thing common about all dads across the world is that they do not want love in the form of gifts from their kids. It is because they absolutely do not want their kids to spend their hard-earned money on them. So, for all the non-fussy and low-maintenance dads, here we have some amazing customised gifts to give them on Father’s Day.

Here are some trending options for Father’s Day gifts for your dads. Choose the ones that you think your dad will enjoy the most.

  1. Daily Affirmations through Customised LED sign light

LED signs are totally trending these days. By daily affirmation LED light we mean, an LED light sign/board that has some positive thing written about your dad. It could be something like ‘my hero’, ‘best dad ever’, ‘my safe space’, ‘my comfort life’, or anything on those lines. It is an affirmation because every time when your dad sees this, he knows he is reminded that he is a great dad, he is loved, and his efforts have always been appreciated. You can hang this in his bedroom, at the entrance, in the living room or just give him and let him decide where he wants to display it. It will be an amazing gift for him.

  1. Making the day best with Customised Mugs

Customised mugs are an age old gift but they are still one of the best gifts out there. Especially when we are talking about Father’s Day gifts, customised mugs are always going to be the best. We are quite sure that your dad is someone who loves having his chai, green tea, kadha, or coffee everyday at his leisure. So, giving a customised mug is always a great idea. You can get some cute photo of yours printed on these mugs or some cute quotes or some of the phrases that your dad usually uses. It is going to be so special for him and you will find him asking your mom for his comfort drink everyday in this mug only. Check for the best collection of Father’s Day customised mugs.

  1. Clean space with Personalised Table Organiser

One thing with dads is that they like their office or working tables to be extremely neat, clean, and functional. They really get paranoid when they are not able to find their stuff on time. For this, one of the best gifts have to be a personalised table organiser. Make sure to find the one that can hold all his pens, markers, notes, chargers, and more. You know your dad better so find something suitable for him. Personalised organisers can have his name, his photo, his initial, or a cute photo of you both together. Make it cute, functional, personal, and extremely adorable.

  1. Memories Down the Lane – Photo Frame

One of the best gifts for your dad for Father’s Day is a photo frame. If your dad is someone who does not like you spending money on giving him expensive gifts or is not someone who enjoys materialistic stuff then this is a nice gift for him. You can give him a collage photo frame with some of the best photos you have with him. Use nice photos from different era of your life and use those photos on the frame to create a memory lane. This will be such a cute gesture which is going to bring back so many memories. Try it.

  1. Comfort Times and Comfort Customised Cushions

Finally, here we have the last gift option on our list of customised gifts for Father’s Day. This gift is a customised cushion. You can get your dad a customised cushion with some nice quote like ‘your seat dad’, ‘your comfort comes first, dad’, ‘we love your comfort dad’, ‘comfort gift to my comfort person’, and something around those lines. We are pretty sure that your dad is going to make this cushion as the centre piece of your lounge area. You can find some amazing cushions that can be customised as per your idea on We also have some ready-made cushions on our website.


Our suggestion while choosing the best Father’s Day gift will be to choose a gift that is both sentimental and practical because dads like to make use of everything possible in the best way. This is the reason we have given you a list of functional gifts. Most of these lovely gifts are available on You can get customised mugs, customised cushions, and lots of other gifts for Father’s Day on We have curated a special page for Father’s Day with all the best possible gifts that you can gift to your dads. We also have the most trending cakes for Father’s Day and we can do last-minute deliveries of cakes and gifts to your doorstep. Check out for more.

We want to start this blog by wishing all the lovely dads of the world a very Happy Father’s Day. We came across a very beautiful quote about Fathers and we want to share that with you all. It goes like ‘My dad did not tell me how to live and instead, he lived and…