7 ways to celebrate Eid if you are away from your home and family

Here’s how to celebrate Eid in 9 beautiful way s if you are away from family this time

Eid, one of the most beautiful and wholesome Indian festivals is right around the corner. It is one of the most amazing times of the year when Eid is being celebrated with zeal and happiness. It is one of those times of the year when people reunite with their family members and loved ones to celebrate it. But, not all of us are in the same boat. We mean not everyone gets lucky to celebrate festivals with their families because of being in a long distance due to studies or work.

If you are one of those who are away from your family on the occasion of Eid then you don’t have to feel lonely. You can still celebrate this day with full enthusiasm and lots of positivity around, all by yourself.

We have mentioned some of the beautiful ways in which you can celebrate Eidif you are away from family this time. Not any of these include any heavy burden on your pockets like going for a lavish trip or something, but we are sure that we have something for everyone in here.

Keep reading till you find your comfort!

  1. Have a Biryani dinner date at your favourite Biryani place with your friends

The cliche is always classic for a reason! You cannot imagine celebrating Eid without devouring your favourite Biryani. Biryani is the ‘it’ meal of the festival and it is definitely not Eid without biryani. Even if you are away from your family this Eid, you might still be closer to your friends or colleagues. So, give a call to your closest people in the town and head over to your favourite Biryani place to have a nice Biryani date. Going alone can also be an option in the last case scenario as you do not need to limit your happiness to people only. Also, make sure, the treat is on you.

  1. Do all the holy activities with your friends or all by yourself

Eid, just like any other Indian festival, is filled with religious activities and experiences that people do all day. Every family has some Eid traditions that they do collectively, every year. So, just staying away from your family should not keep you at a distance from doing those. No matter where you are during this festival we would like to encourage you that instead of staying inside the four walls, go out, go to the mosque/religious spots, do every ritual that you do with your family on this festival, and make the most of it by yourself or create new memories by doing those with your friends 

  1. Take a day off, enjoy a day with yourself with your favourite series

Now, we do understand that not everyone wants to celebrate this festival by themselves by doing the things they usually do with their families. Some of you might be introverts as well who like to keep things to yourself and not entertain other people as it might be difficult for you to let people in. All is fine, you do you! So, here we have something for you too. You can take a day off from work (please do this, you need it) on Eid, spend it alone by yourself at home, and enjoy your favourite food and your favourite series. Just make it all about you!

  1. Leave aside everything and call all your family members and talk to them

This is the least you can do to feel homely when you are away on Eid from your family. Make time in the whole day for your family members. All you can do is call each of your family members who you are close with and also the people with whom you haven’t talked in a while. Now, by talking, we don’t only mean to just call, wish, and be done with it. Calling them means having deep conversations with each one of them, going down the memory lane, and spending time on calls with them. You are going to feel so connected and refreshed after these calls and after a certain point of time, these are needed with your people.

  1. Dress up, click pictures, and have a nice time

A lot of you might think that this is gender specific and is only for girls. But, no, this is for everyone out there. Wearing new and fancy clothes on Eid has been one of the most amazing rituals that almost everyone celebrating the festival follows. Eid is the sweetest fruit to devour after having one month of tough handwork during the month of Ramadan hence spoiling yourself with new clothes is always a great idea. So, if you have nothing good to do on this day, this time, treat yourself with new clothes, get dressed up, click pictures, upload them on social media, and have a nice time. This does create a lot of difference.

  1. Celebrate it in your office and treat your colleagues

We know there are a lot of you who cannot take a leave from your office and probably that could be one of the reasons why you are away from them on this beautiful festival. You have no other option rather than going to the office and having a work day. But, hey this does not mean that you cannot celebrate Eid. You can dress up and visit your office, take some extra time out and treat your colleagues in the office canteen or nearby cafe or have a nice dinner date with them after the end of the day. Find a family in your work family!

  1. Clean and decorate your house to have that vibe

The major Indian festivals like Eid and Diwali are accompanied by lots of good food, meeting your loved ones, devouring desserts, and also decorating houses. One of the most important rituals of Eid is cleaning and decorating the house for the day. So, even if you are alone and are staying in a flat, PG, a rented apartment, or even in the hostel, you can still clean your place and decorate it with whatever you can to feel the vibe of Eid around you. Doing this activity itself is going to make you feel extremely homely and welcoming. Do not take this for granted!

  1. Make sure to devour all your favourite Eid dishes with your friends

Eid and food go hand in hand. Most of the Indian festivals or let’s say festivals all across the globe are associated with having great meals with our loved ones. Eid also is known to be celebrated with some of the most amazing meals like Sewai, Biryani, and whatnot! If you are away from your family on this day then also you don’t need to have FOMO of missing out on your favourite Eid meals. Call all your friends, book a nice place, or order some nice food from your favourite place and have the time of your life. You are going to love this!

  1. Feed the hungry and less fortunate

The last and definitely one of the best ways in which you can celebrate Eid if you are away from your family is this one. You can either just do this or do the other activities mentioned above along with this. Just go out and be the good person that you are, feed the hungry and treat the less fortunate. Buy good food and everything that you can and treat those people who are also in dire need of family and celebrations. Your heart is going to feel the most content. But, make sure to not do this to show off to other people on social media or elsewhere because that is just gross. This should just be between you and those people.


See, we told you we will bring only wholesome ideas for you to celebrate Eid when you are away from your family. We gave you a variety of ideas in which you can be happy on this day, celebrate this day to the fullest in your own way, and not miss out on the celebrations.

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Eid, one of the most beautiful and wholesome Indian festivals is right around the corner. It is one of the most amazing times of the year when Eid is being celebrated with zeal and happiness. It is one of those times of the year when people reunite with their family members and loved ones to…