Celebrate your anniversary to fullest without making a hole in your pocket!

It does not necessarily mean to send a hefty amount of money to celebrate an occasion such as an anniversary. You don’t need to break your bank just to create some memorable moments. You can spend the day making unforgettable moments with some simple yet special ideas. Have a look at some budget-friendly ideas that can make your anniversary memorable without spending huge money on booking lavishing 5-star hotels or throwing a grand party or doing something else.

Have a bed and breakfast staycation 

Start your day with your spouse in a super romantic way.  Turn your room into a coffee shop that your partner love. Prepare a fluffy omelet waffle along with the fruit juice to create some wonderful moments. You can also order pancakes online with Chocolaty to give a great kick to your day. Choose this inexpensive way and spend hours with your partner and make him/her feel special on your special day. 

A love letter with candies 

This is one of the best budget-friendly anniversary celebrations. Write a love letter for your partner and glue chocolates and candies on it. Use colorful chocolates and candies to make it look brighter. This cute and innocent gift will bring an instant smile on your spouse’s face. 

Put away your phone for the rest of the day 

Go on a quality time date, spend some quality time by throwing out your phone aside. Put your phones away and concentrate on each other. Play games, go for a walk and go out for a coffee and just spend time with one another. 

Go for a romantic picnic 

Nothing can be sweeter and relaxing than that of a romantic picnic. You don’t need to go out from your budget to get these sweeter and relaxing moments. Visit a poolside, enjoy fishing with your partner. Bring home-cooked meals and spend the day there while enjoying meals and sharing your heartfelt emotions to each other. Play games like word games, Pictionary and some other games. Click a lot of pictures while sharing some crazy moments. 

Gifts in a special way 

You know the daily routine of your partner which makes gifting easier. Design scavenger gift hunt for her like you know when she enters into the kitchen, make a special note and put it on the shelve of the kitchen, you know when she will enter into the washroom, write a sticky note and hang it on the wall. Keep a few gifts on the table in front of her when she enters into the dining room. End up the day with a touch of personalization by surprising her with personalized gifts. This will make your anniversary day memorable for life. Gifts are the best ways to make someone feel special to go with a group of gifts, surprise her time to time throughout the day, she will definitely love the way and the gifts as well. 

Pamper at home 

You don’t need to go out to make the moments special. When your sweetheart is away from the home then decorate your home to surprise your better half. Use chain lights and colorful candles to decorate the room. Make popcorn and open a bottle of cold drink. It will surprise your partner for sure when she/he will return. And at last, spend some memorable moments with each other.

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