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If you are looking to add some excitement in your relationship, the best way to do so is to plan tiny little surprises all around and at different points in the day for your significant other. Nothing speaks love and care, affection and adoration, admiration and respect or even the language of surprises better than flowers. If you’re in the lovely city of Jaipur and wish to have a flower bouquet delivery in Jaipur, we are your best bet! Chocolaty does online delivery of flowers in Jaipur. We are absolutely and unequivocally the best flower delivery in Jaipur. With a simple process of ordering the flowers, you can ensure that the flames of your relationship long surpass the bloom and fragrance of any flowers – though our ones last pretty long – both bloom wise and fragrance wise as they are the freshest flowers in town.

Beautiful flowers at your doorstep!

If you’re looking for a fresh flowers delivery in Jaipur, don’t look much further – is an online flower, cake and gift delivery service for Jaipur, which is available with just the click of a button. It is our endeavour to give those who visit our website, an easy to navigate and memorable experience ordering our flowers – a beautiful flower arrangement just for you!  We help you make every occasion special and ever mundane day bright and colorful. With assistant available online to guide you through the buying process. And what’s better is that we do flower delivery in Jaipur. Be it a bouquet of red roses or an arrangement of enthralling orchids or even a bouquet of chocolates if that’s what appeals to you – we can deliver each of these to your doorstep!

Love in the air? Say it with flowers!

Be it your wife, mother or daughter – nothing speaks the language of love quite so well as a customized, personalized bouquet of flowers!  When you take the time out to carefully select and curate a bouquet of fresh flowers, it sends across the message that you care and are ready to go the extra mile to show that the person means the world to you. We, at Chocolaty, which is an online cake and flower delivery in Jaipur, understand the significance of this gesture and are here to help. As compared to other flower delivery shops in Jaipur, ours is available online meaning you can sit at home or at work and order the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers and they will be at the person’s doorstep within no time.  Cement your love with this grand gesture and see it blossom the way a flower does – freely, beautifully and awe-inspiringly!

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Treat yourself to an ethereal set of flowers

We all live lives which are hectic and rarely get time to focus on ourselves or pamper ourselves. Imagine our routines –get up early, prepare to leave for work which for may include kids and spouses also getting ready for their day simultaneously, have breakfast if time permits, rush to office by public transport, give our very best at work and on most days sit back late. Our days don’t get over yet. We go back home, tired and mentally drained, when we have to begin all over again with helping in the kitchen or helping kids do their homework or the hundred other things that need our attention. Dinner is possibly the time when you can catch up with your family. And with that a possibly long day comes to an exhausted end. In the midst of all this, self and family always take the brut as far as attention is concerned – they are taken for granted. It is important to ensure that such a routine does not get to you. The easiest way to ensure that is by treating yourself every once in a while. Go get yourself a nice bouquet of fresh, fragrant flowers to instantly uplift your mood. is the solution to this – we do fresh flowers delivery in Jaipur. So what are you waiting for? Go on, pamper yourself! And yes, we do same day flower delivery in Jaipur. All you have to do is login and select the set of flowers which will brighten up your day!

Prank someone – here’s how!

This is a prank to make someone smile. It’s on the lines of celebrating a fake birthday or anniversary. If you know someone who could use a pick-me-up in life and needs a little help smiling, why don’t you surprise them with cakes ad flowers at midnight pretending it’s their birthday and watch them crack up with laughter! does flower home delivery in Jaipur and is especially known for its midnight flower delivery in Jaipur. We will help you set your plan in action by ensuring the flowers and cakes reach you wherever you want, on time!