Cup Cakes

Order Cup cakes online Same Day Delivery in India

Cupcakes makes a ordinary treat very special with sweetness and if you are ordering cupcakes for an special occasion then it is like a double treat. Get ready to show your love to your sweethearts by giving them sweet little cupcakes. You know very well they will love your gift and can see your love behind this sweet surprise. Cup Cakes are normally not on the menu for delivery, however here with us you can easily order Cup Cakes online and make your someone special feel more special.

Vanilla love cupcakes (a perfect gift on your special day)

Almost everyone loves vanilla as a flavor. As the name suggest these cupcakes are very simple yet delicious and will melt in the mouth in the very first bite. Sounds romantic isn’t it, well this is the main reason they are loved on the special occasions.  This beautiful gift to your loved one can sweeten any occasion like anniversaries, birthdays or any other special occasion of your life. The deal is more sweetened with the idea of getting Cup Cakes Online Delivery.

Cupcakes with heart which says something to your loved ones!

Cupcakes are available in different sizes and flavors. With us you can get the cup cakes decorated in any way you want. It can be romantic, cute as well as sweet. It is really a fun to decorate cupcakes with heart candies. If a conversation written on the heart of the top of the cupcake then it becomes special to your loved one. 

Cookie letter cupcakes

When a treat of cupcakes is not enough then cookie letter cupcakes will say to your loved one a lot in just a few words. You can use any letters like say “be mine” or her and your name first letter or whatever you think will be a beautiful surprise to your loved one and send Cup Cakes online. You can also share your feelings will your loved one and your loved one will understand your feelings what you want to express through cookie letter cupcakes. Isn’t it seems to be very exciting? Yes then what are you waiting for. You can get cookie letter cupcakes online which the letters you want to be written on same.  

Fuzzy and warm cupcakes balls

When you want to make someone feel loved then warm and fuzzy cupcake are just the perfect gift. You might know that warm feeling you feel when someone makes you feel loved. This gift is somewhat related with that warm, fuzzy feeling which you love the most.  

Cupcake balls are the perfect version of the cupcakes with such cute size, easy to eat and look really very sweet as well as you can get to decorate them too. Don’t wait order Cup Cakes online to make everyone in your life feel special.

Sweetheart cupcakes for your sweetheart

You know what you can make your own heart cupcake with any type of flavor like chocolate cup cakes, etc. You just have to add a candy heart on top of cupcake and it is really very easy to do. Your candy heart on top of the cupcake will make a cupcake more special to your sweetheart. 


Q.1. Do You Deliver Cupcakes At 12 am? 

Ans: Yes, we do deliver cupcakes at 12am. To order or send you can opt for our midnight cake delivery in your city.

Q.2. What Else Can I Send With A Cupcake From Chocolaty?

Ans: We have a wide range of gift items. One can send flowers, cushions, customized coffee mugs, etc along with cupcakes.

Q.3. Can I Send A Personal Message With A Cupcake?

Ans: Yes you can send personal messages, you can select one from the suggestive list on the website.

Q.4. What Flavours Does Chocolaty Offer In Cupcakes?

Ans: We offer our customers a wide variety of cupcake flavours such as chocolate, red velvet, strawberry, pineapple, caramel, peanut butter, vanilla, truffle, lemon etc.

Q.5.Does Chocolaty provide free shipping for Cup-Cakes?

Ans: Yes, we deliver in more than 300 +. Be it a crowded market or business place, No distance is uncovered by us.