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Make your occasions more festive with the perfect cake

No birthday would be perfect without the piece de resistance and that usually happens to be a scrumptious birthday cake. One of the little-known facts about birthday cakes is that the earliest versions were made during the time of Caesars and back then, it was all dough sweetened with honey and nuts. This is why no birthday would be complete without the perfect cake to accompany the same. And the good news is that you no longer have to restrict yourself to honey-drizzled cakes but instead you have a wide choice to select from, flavour to type. You can choose to order a black forest gateau or place an order for a mango meringue cake or a strawberry cheesecake. Moreover, you can pick and choose the perfect cake for your occasion and even sample a few cakes before purchasing the right cake.  Most consumers prefer to order their cakes online; you can do the same and place an order for a few delicious cupcakes so that you can test out the various flavours before making your decision. And since you are located in Chennai, you may want to check out the various options for cake delivery in Chennai

Which is the best online cake delivery in Chennai?

When it comes to placing online orders, most consumers often complain about the delay in delivery; at chocolaty brand, we well understand the importance of delivering premium baked goods on time, every time.  With our exclusive online portal, you can place your orders and get delivery the same day itself. In fact, we offer cake delivery in Chennai until midnight, 12 ‘O clock. Whatever is the occasion, we have the right cake for the same – what’s more, we also offer flower and cake delivery in Chennai. In fact, if you are planning to surprise your better half on your anniversary then a romantic gesture like flowers or even a special photo cake, should certainly help set the mood.  There’s no denying the fact that when it comes to online cake delivery, we happen to be the best because we deliver premium baked goods, at affordable rates and on time.

Commemorative cakes

Whether you are looking for commemorative cakes to celebrate a special occasion or need a bon voyage party cake, we have just the cake for you. At Chocolaty brand, we take great pride in the fact that we go the extra mile to help our customers get what they want and that includes custom made to order cakes. And when it comes to birthday cake delivery in Chennai India, we understand that some people prefer not to eat eggs, which is why we offer eggless cake delivery in Chennai, as well. You can use our online portal to make your selection from our wide range of cakes, deserts cupcakes and more; make your selection and let us know regarding any custom message that you need to be included in the cake. That’s it, that’s all you need to do for cake delivery in Chennai today. We’ll handle all the work and craft a spectacular cake,  one that makes your event stand out for all the right reasons.

Why is photo cake all the rage now?

Photo cakes have been quite popular both among couples and young children as well – who wouldn’t love to see the image of their superhero plastered on top of the cake. Furthermore, photo cakes are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift where you get to deepen your love with something sweet, especially with our photo cake delivery in Chennai.   Photo cakes manage to convey your message with the right image and the right cake. So check out our cake collection and let us know if you need any help in making your decision. You can choose from a wide range of flavours available; for a better idea, check out our website.

As you can see, at Chocolaty, we do go the extra mile for our consumers; just call us and let us know what you need and we’ll take care of the rest. So choose the right cake and impress your loved one with the perfect cake for the occasion.