1. Chocolaty.in is website which is registered with government of India, We adhere to the Privacy of our users and protect them with the Privacy policies stated here.

2. The information collected by Chocolaty.in is for following reasons: a) Delivery of order. b) Authentication of the user details. c) For Promoting Chocolaty.in d) For informing about our Offers/Discounts.

3. The information we collect includes: a) Name b) Address c) Phone number d) Email address e) Payment details f) Age g) Sex

4. While placing the order we require your banking credentials but we make sure that the information is used adequately and no mishandling occurs. These information is taken for the success and ease of payment. We only share prior information with the third party although.

5.Chocolaty.in does not mail you for promotions or any other reason until and unless your consent persists. We only drop confirmation mails of your delivery.

6. We do not ask for any sensitive information related to users.

7. We trace how you are using our website through cookies mechanism. Website is enabled with cookies which drive your data in the computer system which is helpful for record keeping purposes. If you do not wish to have cookies then avoid the option it won’t appear on your screen.

8. The Customer's consent for sharing of information with its distributors and Banking firms is taken as implicit.

9. Chocolaty.in if amends its privacy policies in the future. We will inform that your personal information is used by us if in case by any means through personalized mails or by announcement on the webpage.

10. Ask your queries/ give your reviews on our private policy at…………… Thank you for visiting Chocolaty.in Chocolaty Team While placing the order you are asked to fill in the various information which is pertains to you and they would be name, age, contact details, emails, credit card or bank details, sex, etc. The credentials demanded from you are for BUG use which helps in the improvisation of the service.

To understand your preference and likeness we may use mechanisms like cookies and user Id which helps us in restoring your data. Such data tells about your action on our website. With this data, we try to filter out your requirement.

We require a lot of information from you for the ease of the operation and as per the need of the service. Such confidential information includes your name, mailing address, e mail and phone number. We have cookies options too which lets us knowledgeable about your activity in our website. To assure and guarantee to you all the actions are done by us solely for the purpose of business and we do not intent to share your passwords and basic details to anyone.

The information provided by which is personal in nature is not shared by us in any form to any other organization. Your database lies safe with us and is uses for the intended purpose only. We may send you mail which might contain offers which are relevant for you.

Our privacy policy keeps on changing from time to time but the duration in which you have shared your personal details would be dealt with the same rules which were stated at that time. Any new changes which occur in the future regarding the privacy policy would not affect your privacy of that particular period.